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In The Words That Shaped Me journalist Aliza Davidovit reveals how words may be the most powerful tools in the world. She says, “Words are like time release capsules which either sustain you or poison you as you go.” Do you know which words are controlling your life? Are you their master or their slave?

While going through the dictionary of life, Davidovit also shares personal anecdotes about her own experiences as an interviewer of the powerful and famous, as the ex-wife of a clergyman, and as a colorful character who animates every moment with humor, wit, wisdom and heart.

From A-Z, she takes the reader on a captivating and eye-opening journey through adultery, blind dates, death, despair, divorce, envy, fault finders, hypocrisy, images, marriage, politics, the Internet, sex, sex symbols, religion, love, sibling rivalry, retribution, etc.

By book’s end, the reader will not only be etymologically wiser but will have a whole new appreciation of the words we live by and how they shape our lives. Readers will learn new words and never think about the ones they already know the same again.

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