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DAY #2: “You shall have no other gods….”-- Are you an idol worshiper?

The second commandment heads the list of the 365 “Thou shalt not” commandments in the Torah. And though today most of us do not have golden calves or graven images in our living rooms, it does not mean we are guilt free of idol worship. ANYTHING that comes between us and God is an idol, including money, fancy lifestyles, fear, our own arrogance and vanity. When we are living and breathing for any cause that doesn’t serve the Almighty that is idol worship. For instance if making money is your passion, that’s ok, but only if the goal is to give tons to worthwhile charities, to help the sick, the poor, widows, orphans and Torah institutions and also to give you time to get involved with the right things. If the drive for wealth is to live a gross, glitzy, golden life devoid of God, goodness and generosity and meant only to accumulate designer outfits and high end products to impress yourself and other idol worshipers and idiots, then Gucci, Pucci and associates are your idols. Personally, I prefer worshiping the One and only God, for Him there are no cheap knock offs.

In addition, putting faith in any conduit as the means to our salvation or “mazal” is idol worship. Yes we may need the intervention of doctors, lawyers, etc., but don’t think for one second they can help if it’s not the Will of God. I know the best in many specialties who failed miserably leaving their clients hapless, helpless and hopeless. Don’t turn people into gods believing they are the source of your income or potential opportunities. Only God is.

The sages also teach that someone who gets angry is like one who worships idols. “For if a person were to believe that what happens to him is of God’s doing, he would not become angry at all.” (Chabad). Also amulets, rabbits’ tails, astrology, good luck charms, etc., you think they are saving you, helping you? Only God is saving you or punishing you; thinking otherwise is idol worship. "Their sorrows will multiply, those who rush after other gods...." (Psalms 16:4). I’m not sure anyhow why someone would choose a rabbits’ foot to rescue them when one can turn to the Head and King of the World. “When I am in distress, I call upon the Lord; yes, I cry out to my God; out of His temple He hears my voice, and my cry comes before Him in His ears.” (Psalms 18:7)



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