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DAY #7: “Thou shalt not commit adultery"-- WHAT’S THE STATE OF YOUR UNION?

What’s the state of your union? I used to have a friend who would never do business with someone whom he knew was cheating on his/her spouse. He felt a person couldn’t be half honest and if one cheats on a spouse then they would cheat in business too. Turns out that God feels the same way. That is way when the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments are placed side by side, the commandment “you shall have no other gods,” and the commandment “thou shalt not commit adultery” are coupled. God is a God of loyalty and the punishment for violating either of these two commandments was the death penalty. And though such punishments are not executed as in Biblical times, be sure that violators will not escape punishment. It will come either through health issues, one’s kids, one’s business…first you will be flying high in the pleasures of your actions, but then you will hit rock bottom. The Almighty will make sure you pay the price. It’s not worth it.

Making excuses why you can cheat on your spouse, i.e., she got fat, he got lazy, she screams too much, he’s cheating too, is in itself idol worship; for in one’s pride a person gives his excuses relevance and a status beyond God’s mandate. When you cheat on God you will soon come to cheat on your spouse and visa versa. Certainly when you cheat on your spouse you will lie and use God as your alibi and swear falsely in His name that you were just at the office working and not with the wrong person, in the wrong place doing all the wrong things. Keep your guard up before things have a chance to grow and go in the wrong direction. The after hour drinks with coworkers, giving advice to your wife’s girlfriends, spending time alone with someone not your spouse. etc. Don’t! keep the boundaries up and imagine there is a sniper sharp shooter ready to shoot if you even break minor protocols of propriety and cross the line, because there is. You are responsible for the state of your union. And you will be held accountable. Keep your belt buckled before it becomes your noose.



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