• Aliza Davidovit

Don’t look backward--There is nothing left for you there!

So often I have heard throughout the Covid-19 plague, “I can’t wait for life to go back to normal.” It makes me chuckle because I recall with great clarity how many of those same complainers were dissatisfied when life was “normal.” I can’t help but feel sorry and much worried for those whose future is obstructed by renovated nostalgia. Firstly, the alleged “normalcy” of the past is problematic in and of itself, i.e., please define normal. Secondly, we are never going back to that world of imagined happiness. There is a vicious war between good and evil--life and death--with each endeavoring to enlist mankind to its side. It is not a new war, but it is an ever intensifying one. “Which side is winning?” you ask. The one we have been feeding the most. There is the world of truth and the world of lies with no multiple shades of gray--regardless of the comfy accommodations that our excuses conjure. So, my friends, “To which side are you donating?”

Behold, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil,” G-d warns us. “You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live.”

If those are the only multiple-choice answers in G-d’s test called "Life," why did He really have to tell us what to choose? Which rational-minded person would not choose life? Who would say, “Nah,” I think I’ll pick death, but thanks for the offer”? And yet, more often than we think, we do pick death. Perhaps not in one fell swoop as would an executioner wielding a sharp sickle, but even more cruelly and self-deceptively we choose death by a thousand cuts. Simple examples are the “toxic” foods or drinks we grab for regularly, unhealthy habits and environments. If we would stop and think for a simple moment before we act, and question which side our actions are feeding, our lives would be dramatically enlightened. But most of us don’t and then one day we “wake up dead” and ask G-d or anyone who will listen: "What happened to the person I used to be and where is the one I wanted to be?"

Yesterday, I asked on Facebook, “What happens to our sins?” Well, they too kill us ever imperceptibly, one “small” sin at a time, not only in this lifetime but in the next one as well. Dear reader, I feel you rolling your eyes at me. What, you don’t believe in the world to come? Ok, so go back to watching Netflix, I’m sure you’ll find life’s answers there, in the glamorized sewers of Hollywood.