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Goldie "Yawn" & What I Learned From the Oscars

If I would begin this article quoting Matthew McConaughey, who recently won Best Man at the Academy Awards, almost every religious person would get nauseous saying, “I need to learn from him?--a pretty boy who earned a golden idol named Oscar? "So I won’t start my blog that way. Instead, I’ll start by quoting Ethics of the Fathers: “Who is wise?” the Talmud asks. Answer: “He who learns from ALL people!” So now that the Talmud has given me dispensation, here I go:

When McConaughey was asked at age 15 who his hero was, he answered that it was himself 10 years hence. Ten years went by and that same person asked him again at age 25 who his hero was. Again McConaughey replied that his hero was himself 10 years hence, making the point that ... click to read more


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