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Goodbye America. It was nice to know you!

The other day I incidentally drove by the Apple store in Manhattan and was really amused and disheartened by the long line of thousands of people waiting to pick up their iphone 4G. As this country is falling apart it becomes evermore clear to me why: We are still living in La La Land. I questioned when was the last time New Yorkers formed such a queue to protest a government wrongdoing and lined up outside their congressman’s door. Undoubtedly these hoarders of high-tech phones have seen a news flash or two and are aware that times are no good and are spiraling quickly downwards. So why don’t they get it? Why don’t they realize that they are standing in the “wrong” line? And it dawned on me because we are a society and a generation reared on Hollywood endings. Things will be okay; things will work out; America will bounce back. We will all live happily ever after. But, my dear readers, as the president and his administration proceed to fundamentally transform America as he promised, the floor under our feet, the one we were hoping to bounce back from, is being shattered. There is a dark deep abyss beneath, an unknown that those not blinded by the happy-ending syndrome believe is a socialist agenda at best, that will destroy the United States of America. Please tell me why, if the president doesn’t believe in exceptionalism for our country which succeeded in being great because of its freedoms and unparalleled system, then why does he believe in personal exceptionalism? Why did he rise to the top and become a president and not remain a community organizer? Is he the only one allowed to reach for the top, to be exceptional, while the rest of us peons have to wait until he and his mammoth and ever-growing government doles us out what they think we deserve? We all know the numbers. The stimulus and bailouts, punishing the rich and businesses with higher tax burdens, the universal healthcare bill and cap and trade are all means of overtaxing the system and redistributing the wealth. In addition to the unsustainable stress on our economy, let’s not pretend redistribution is governmental philanthropy, it is plain out government theft. If it is my body that’s in the gym every morning at 6 a.m., is it fair that you should be accruing the muscles that I’m working so hard for? The second step after controlling the purse strings is controlling the masses, which then leaves little surprise that this administration is so accommodating to illegal immigrants, even criminal ones. There is power in numbers. Sometimes I wonder if Obama is trying so hard to implode the system that maybe, just maybe, there will never be a 2012 election. Maybe a revolution is already in place but it is starting from the top down instead of by the people. Yes, this country, the leader of the free world, has gone through deep crises in the past, but the one factor that gave us optimism and hope was the integrity of the structure, i.e., our Constitution and the certainty that this was a democratic and capitalistic country which was respected by its allies and respected them in turn. Even our fallings and failings were sure-footed because America would always be America. Don’t count on that anymore. My friends, as you show off your new i-phones with more applications than you could ever use in a lifetime, I urge you to tune into its built-in alarm clock and WAKE UP. The challenges we now face are unprecedented. I cannot help but think of this week's biblical story of Pinchas, where one sole man saw the threat to his nation and he alone took action to save the day. Of course I’m not calling for violence, God forbid, but I am calling for action. Are you doing all you can do, my fellow Americans, to save this great nation? Which line are you standing in? Are you a lawyer? A writer? A speaker? A singer? Whatever you are, take the talent that God gave you and use it to fight to save this great country right now before it’s too late and they lay the yellow tape around the map of America to demarcate the greatest crime scene and slaughtering of liberty the world has ever known. ************************* Sponsored by the Wordsmithy for all your editing needs. Contact: for further information


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