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Open Letter to Sean Hannity — the 10th Iron Dome! by Aliza Davidovit

Not since “Schindler’s List” have so many names aspired to appear on a piece of paper as they aspired to appear on this thank you letter to you. Schindler’s list was 1200 strong and below you will also find 1200+ deeply grateful signatories—among them is the legendary Jackie Mason.

Mr. Hannity, on behalf my grassroots movement, GA-GA for Israel, our members and the 1200+ individuals of both the Christian and Jewish faiths, I would like to extend a profound thank you for your courageous and unrelenting support of the State of Israel. Your recent reporting from the Jewish Homeland was first class–as are you–and it offered a purview of Israel that other journalists rarely dare to show.

Sadly, amongst the casualties of this war launched by Hamas, is the truth, a casualty that even the wholly capable care not to resuscitate. But with God-like perseverance, you’ve done well to breathe life back into it, to resurrect it. You took your viewers on a brave and heartfelt journey from Hamas’s terror tunnels to Israeli-playground bomb shelters, from historic sights to the broken heart of an Israeli mother whose son was kidnapped and killed by Hamas.

In an ever increasing anti-Semitic world that is set on vilifying Israel, you humanized it and showed not only the duress under which Israelis are living as they scramble to bomb shelters and awake to sirens, but you also showed what a beautiful country it really is, God’s gem, proverbially flowing with milk and honey.

They say Israel has nine Iron Domes, but you Mr. Hannity are the tenth one as you persistently knock the lies and misinformation out of the air and shield Israel with the full force of your integrity, beliefs and honest news coverage. There is an expression in the Talmud which says, “If there are no men among you, BE ONE.” You have certainly stood out to be that man and a veritable mensch in an ever-growing gutless world where moral equivalencies are made between the victims and the perpetrators.

The State of Israel, America’s greatest ally, often feels like a single candle flickering in a tsunami of hate determined to snuff her out. And yet Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, one with a free and open press, one that protects the rights of women, minorities, homosexuals and all faiths unlike their surrounding neighbors who beat women into submission, stone adulterers, kill gays and burn down churches and oppress Christians. On a daily basis Israel is innovating world changing cures and technologies, from 3D printing to the endoscopy pill, PillCam, to devices that help the wheelchair-bound walk and the blind see. The Israeli army is among the first responders post-natural disasters around the globe, including after the earthquake in Haiti where their assistance was indispensable.

If only Israel’s enemies would engage themselves in such positive pursuits instead of perpetually conspiring to wipe Israel off the map, they would certainly do better for themselves and their people. Instead of laboriously digging tunnels to import weapons of terror, which they launch indiscriminately at civilian targets, let them build infrastructure and a future for the next generation of Palestinians. If a tree grows in Brooklyn it can grow in Gaza too, if only they’d plant one!

And so Mr. Hannity it is with the deepest of gratitude, appreciation and reverence that we thank you for your support, your decency and your valiance and for seeing that aforementioned beauty in Israel that too many choose to ignore. Your actions have truly resonated in our hearts and your steadfast friendship gives us great comfort that we do not stand alone. May God’s own words be the last here and fill all your days, “I will bless those who bless you.”

Gratefully yours, in the spirit of Schindler’s grateful,

Aliza Davidovit Founder/President

Rhoda Sonken Administrator

Ga-Ga for Israel: Put Israel’s best Face Forward was founded in 2008 by journalist Aliza Davidovit to celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday and its heroes. The purpose of the group now is to show the beautiful face of Israel and its people and to publicize the radiant lights that shine forth from Zion.

Aaron Berger Aaron Biterman Aaron Davidovit Abie Betesh Ablaisa Meininger Abraham I. Sokol Adam Jacobs Adam Kegel Adam Mitchell Neijna Adele Bloom Adina Straus Adina Talkov Aharon Liebersohn Alan Abrams Alan Swan Alan Wilzig Albert Antebi Albert Srour Alessia Vivanti Alex Schlesinger Alex Sternberg Alina Vinokurov Alireza Srivastava Alisa Daniel Ziff Alisa Lewin-Waldman Alisa Majer Aliyah Ben Aliza Davidovit Aliza Nerenberg Allan Ellison Allan Schwarz Allen Kopelman Amador Rivera Amanda Karabel Amanda Perl Amir Levy Ammi Jana Brooks Amy Arnold Katz Andee Goldman Andra Sirt Ventrelli Andrea Szilagyi Andrew Lilien Andy Feinberg Angel Dawn Angel Rae Shane Angela Drannikov Angela Hill Weber Aniko Musztrai Anita Kristin Holstad Anita Meneghin Ann Grody Elk Anna Crissi Lebhar Anna Sussman Anne Bowman Causey Anne Julienne Annette Dragif Daiagi Annette Modien Annette Stringer Annie Phillips Annie Tadmor Anthony Lee Wheeler Anzhelika Khalemsky April Kupferman Arandong Ngocheck Ari Lubowicz Ari Zeltzer Ariel Claude Ariel Buberman Ariel Claude Ariella Mechoullam Arnie Abrahams Arnie Goldman Art Fried Artie Brown Artie Cabasso Arye L Ben Harav Asaf Menashe Asareuben Wallace Asher Brummel Asher Schapiro Ashley Forsythe Asi Gabriel Darmon Audrey Vaz Ava Heller Avi Arbiv Avi Azoulay Avi Dobuler Avi Dorfman Avi Grossman Avi Hersh Avi Ickovich Avi Shamalov Avigail Avra’m-Hopke Aviva Ishai Avner Hazan Avrohom Hecht Azari Benjamin Aziza Lumbroso Bar Ezra Barb Hoagland Julian Barbara Jean Barbara Meier Barbara Thun Last Barbara Tuttle Barbie Ann Burrow Bari Hyman Barri York Ardizzone Barry Fineman Barry Hurwitz Barry Morgenstein Barry Varkel Barry Wacholder Barry Zbar Baruch Herzfeld Bat Zion Susskind-Sacks Batsheva Sella Batya White-Novogroder Batya Yarmish-Gluck Bec Eichler Ben Sassler Ben Seligson Ben Sharir Bennett Kirschner Bernard Broome Bernard Pannagl Bernie Buckle Beryl Bouknight Arbaugh Beth Feldman Beth Fish Beth Tache Beth Wrobel Betsy Ann Bloom Bev Corbin Beverly Volpe Bill Fuller Blima Lorber Bob Pop Bob Schneider Bobbie Skinner Bonnie Elske Bonnie Rapaport Libman Bonnie Singer Brenda Aartsen Brenda Baker Brenda Jean Coor Brenda Roane Brett Cohen Brian Hoffman Brian Seetner Brittany Pekeles Brittney Davis Bruce Flohr Bruce Robinson Bruce Weinberg Bruno Ceniccola Bryan Avila Butch Burgin Callie Benoit Candice Schaffer Carl Irwin Carmel Carlson Carmela Bar Carmen Rosa Sotomayor Carmen Senker Carol Feldman Schwam Carol Ferrara Carol Horowitz Taddonio Carol Kressner Patelsky Carol Lampert Barrish Carol Newman Carol Rosenthal Missry Carol Tryansky Carole Zuckerman Caroline Hinnant Cassandra Stein Cathy Bullock Lee Cathy Carver Cathy Seetner Cathy Seetney Celia Handwohl Cema Milicich Chad Lincoln Chad Rogowicz Chana Engel Chana Rivka Yakovov Channie Kahan Charles Goldman Charles Harding Charles Konovitch Charles Wagner Chaya Margelit Hoffman Chérie Akiva Cherie Horn Cherie Lewis Cherie Word Cheryl Asher Blake Cheryl Giddings Reed Cheryl Herman Willinger Cheryl Hoine Cheryl Mavrikos Cheryl Pearson Cheryl Shoshy Goldberg Chip Siperli Chloé Simone Valdary Chris Crossont Chris Dudley Chris Sirianni Christopher Blanton Chuck Rosenthal Cindy Katz Cindy Kimmel Swartz Clare Hallahan Farragher Claudio Stivelman Claudy Daner Cleo Austein Colin J Ely Connie Bruccoleri Esposito Corey Breier Cowfy Kaufman Creed LeMarr Sr. Dalia Pytel Daliah Walfish Myers Dan Shainberg Dan Wade Dana Bitton Cohen Dana Goodman Thomas Dana Levin Gribble Dana Sheffler Poff Dani Fid Daniel Ashkenazy Daniel Cohen Daniela Harari Daniella J Ben Daniella Yermyiev Danielle Ben Shoshan Danielle Mayo Danny Harper Danny Leibowitz Danny Nachmani Danny Reiss Daphna Shahar Daphne Orenshein Dariush Hosravi Darrell Pryor Dave Gitlin Dave Weinbaum David Ben Hooren David Benghazi Brayton III David Blaski David Borowich-Ya’ari David C. Fischer David Clark David Daitchman David Double U David Frazier David Goldenberg David Hobrath David Hornik David Hunt David Jones David Kirkpatrick David Lazar David Pere David Perkins-Mayville David Piekarsky David Sadek David Sage David Shock David Silverstone David Sloan David Weiss David-Seth Kirshner Davira Reichman Bareli Dawn Ayelet Fredriksen Dean Zelikovsky Debbie Behar Debbie Kohn Sirt Debbie Rosenthal Beznovsky Debbie Stone Debby Biskin Flancbaum Debby Nazarian Debee Gaines Steingart Debi Basch-Rudensky Deborah Elizabeth Byers Debra Pagan Dee Lazenby Delores Right Denise Blank Landman Denise Harper Denise Mackler Denise Russell Denise Suberi Kaslow Denise Zelikson Dennis Damountainman Allan Desire Sakkal Devo Schiffer Devorah Tikvah Devory Heinrich Devraj Roy Di Solomon Diana Heres Diana L Stratton Diane Bederman Diane L Silverman Diane Pruslin Berdugo Diane Solomon Diane Young-Mozzone Dina Stein Doc Gillenwater Dolores Testerman Don Spilky Don Wetteland Donald Dean Donna Gibson Donna Marie Majoros Oswald Dorith Carmeli Dorothy Rachel Leah More Dory Leviashvili Doug Young Douglas Kammerer Dov Benson Dovi Dabach Goldberg Dovid Patrick Dowid Mosha Dreama K Malik Earle Benghazi Smith Ed Rosen Ed Waterman Ed Will Edgar Hess Edward Codack Eileen Per Eileen Stoughton Tarkett Hartenstine Eitan Horovitz Elaine Davis Whinston Elena Babat Elena Gazarkh Eli Brad Ezra Eli Katz Eli Pinsky Eliane Benzecry Karr Elina Bruk Elissa Friedner Eliyah Ellie Ruby Sharon Elizabeth Farkas Elizabeth Homans Ellen Bank Stoever Ellen Gozansky Malka Ellen Malka Ellio Lumbroso Elliot Auerbacher Elliott Gordon Ely Doron Elyse Margolis Dermer Emanuel Karmely Emanuel Shalmiyev Benyaminov Emmy Libraro Eric Gallagher Eric McNett Erica Mathieson Langston Erick Stakelbeck Erik Dabach Ernie Karkoukly Errol Eisner Esther Olga Byalik Esther Samama Esther Schiff Fox Esti Plushnick Esti Prager Estie Zevuloni Ethel Bruck Leibowitz Etta Chaya Brummel Eva Furniture Eva Kourampi Rosenberg Eva Levitis Eva Lowe Ezra Benjamin Ezra Freidlander Faina Milman Felice Lindenbaum Fern Kalb Fora Islamismo Nazismo Comunismo Fraidy Gross Myski Fran Shulman Nudelman Francine Chana Bork Frank Coley Frank Incremona Frieda Cohen Frieda Mehrel Gabriel Daner Gabrielle Berlyne Gail Appel Gali Milbauer Garth Kahn Gary Bloom Gary Neely Gary Salvit Gena Dupuis Abramov Geneeva Snow George Dwosh Georges Piriou Gerri McDaniel Gil Bousquet Gina Diane Garcia Giorgio Manuli Gitti Grimm Glenn Eisenberg Glenn Humphreys Gloria Mintz Gordon David Bowers Greg Geller Gregory Krabbe Grissell Galya H.M. Hellman Haim Barak Haim Howard Hamutal ‘Sheetrit’ Dekel Hanna Beth-el Harley Lippman Harry Kindred Jr. Harry Leibowitz Harvey Norton Helen Newman Helen Notwich Vilenski Helen Pechman Blazer Henry B. Torn Henry Eichler Henshi Gorodetsky Herb Glatter Hermione Shalvah Du Toit Hersch Ziani Heshy- Sora Mandel Howard D Harris Howard Konikoff Howard Levene Howell Selburn Hyla Goldstein Spagat Ida Dubrofsky Igor Buberman Inbal Levy Fayer India Watson Ira Freedman Ira Joel Herson Ira Lebowitz Ira Letofsky Iris Fernhoff Marek Iris Frances Zaft Irit Gal Irving Leb Isaac Ickovich Isaac Marcos Rodriguez Israel Joffee Itamar Gnatt Ivy Wolpin Hofmann Izabella Mantzur Jack Halpern Jack Hansen Jack Holley Jackie Hughes Jackie Mason Jackie Rubenstein Golub Jaclyn Mascheck Jacob Schraeter Jacob Widroff Jacqueline Landau Jacques Cohen Jacques Hadida Jacqui Schiff Saunders Jade DeVries Jake Deck James Burrows James Campbell Fern James Greenlaw James Heavey James Pollock Jana Ronen Jane O’Brien Jane Ronec Janice Attia Janie Hinnant Goldie Janina Rubacha Jason James Britt Jason Kranzberg Jason Morgan Jason Oelrich Jay Cohen Jay Deg Jay G. Levine Jayden David Jean Easter Jean Gilles Jeanette Archie Jeanne Chibnik Jeannie Marie Jeff Erb Jeff Stern Jeff Ward Jeff Werner Jeffrey Burbank Jeffrey Feder Jennie Brown Busteed Jennie Clement Jennifer Berger-Diack Jennifer Green Leikam Jeff Hornick Jennifer Lubeck Carter Jennifer Mandel Sokolsky Jennifer Sass-brown Jennifer Stypel Jerome Scherr Jerri Schwartz-Reich Jerry Aloof Jerry Israel Jerry Polaniecki Jessa Levy Jesse M. Stoddard II Jessee Leibowitz Jessica Kordansky Jessica Lentz Jessica Wachsman Jill Eden Strauzer Jill West Jim Charam Jim Coffield Jim Long Jimmy Wayne Mcmillan Joan Goldenberg Joanna Robyn Doft Mckenna Jody Mendelson Jody Wiland Streck Joe A. Gillan Joe Apple JOe De Leon Joe Kilfeather Joe Wright Joe Zevuloni Joeli Flohr Joelle Oiknine Joey Grand Joey Jeannie Kindred John A. G. Hollingsworth John Dale John Doe-Believer John Harber John Kipp John LaRosa John Lawrence John M. Hansen John Nathan John Roberts John Sekulow John Takach Jonathan Ben Jonathan Bumgarner Jonathan Feldman Jonathan Gotlib Jonathan Perrone Jonathan Setton Jordan Davidovit Jordan Katz Jose Pires Joseph Esrail Joseph Gardella Josephine Maltese Leone Josh Friedman Joshua Edwards Joy Fryou Joyce Garland Joyce Kaufman Prevot Joyce Kramer Judi Fradkin Judi Kidd Judith Finnell Judith Latham Judith Moss Judith Ness Judka Lisker Judy Busby Ervin Judy Jacobson Judy Mullins Jules Alexander Julia Sadule Karen Arazi BenTov Karen Leikam Shane Karen Mann Elefant Karen Siegemund Katie J. Borland Keith Berman Keith Fortner Keith Haberer Kelly Samyra Scamard Ken Figa Ken Gribble Kenneth Ducharme Kenny Fisher Kenny Gluck Kenny Smith Keren Lugasi Elimeleh Kim Casale Janel Kimberly Marshall-Botelle Kimberly Register Wilkins Kimy Mandil Kris Gelbart Kurt Vangsness Kyle Smith La Rubita Lana Poliakov Lance N Fogel Lanny Seed Larry Hendricks Larry Homer Larry Horn Larry Levine Larry Lipschutz Larry Rifkin Larry Sherman Laura Finley Laura Hadasa Jean Skiles Laura Shannon Laure Madonna-Howerton Lauren Gribble Lauren Shore Lauren Stacey Laurie Madison Chibnik Laurie Mari Goldman Lea Rosenfeld Leah Krakowsky Leah Whatley Leah Wiseman Solomon Leah Yebri Lee Abramson Lee Majmin Lee Moskoff Leena Clark Leila Nasar Leo Blas Leo Killian Leon Borstein Leon Feldhamer Leon Vance Sanders Leonard Lorraine Bean Leor Siri Lesa Lovely Leslie Ann Stoffel Leslie Roosa Levi Streiter Levi Y. Schwarz LG Brown Hamilton Lila Chertman Liliana Life-Ines Friesel E Liliane Abergel Liliane Perez Weinstein Lillian Braha Singer Linda Cauttero Linda Gali Linda Hogue Linda Ross Linda Salisbury-Hogue Linda Taylor-Gutman Linda Waknin Linda Zelikson Lindsay Rogowicz Lisa Anne Strauser Lisa Deckter Lisa Dulin Lisa Fleisher Gold Lisa Jospa Bloomstein Lisa Rudy Matalon Lisa Seim Lisa Stewart Liz Chibnik Rosenblatt Liz Harrison Hiden Liz Magrisso de Levy Liz Strulowitz Mandelkern Lloyd Bloom Lois Goldberg Labendz Lois Koenig Lolly Gonzalez Loren Greenberg Loretta Lou Lori Hartwick Lori Lochner Lori Motola Hoffman Lori Sherman Karger Lori Soberman Hirsh Lori Z Weiner Lorlyn Loch Louis Chibnik Louis Joffe Louis Kleinman Louis Leibowitz Louise Granquist Asten Loyda Ruth De Leon Lucia Scarpati Scopino Lucie Eichler Lyn Scheuer Lynne Kessler Lechter Lysa Lopater M. Bradley Altman Mac Archbold Madeline Mergler Madeline Somma Woodard Madison David Magrietha Catharina Du Toit Mahta Amernia Malka Roseshter Valin Mamie Jakob Mara C. Urman Marc Deutsch Marc Flipper Goldstone Marcia Shiller Marcia Sizemore Wallace Marcia Taplits Lowe Marcie Adrian Seninsky Marcos Benarie Marcos Benzaquen Margaret Harold Margaret Levy Margaret Wielkopolan Margarita Grober Margulis Natalie Marian Hauge Maribel Llorens Marie Garr Marilyn Soffer Marina Briskin Marina Levitis Marina Toprover-Vaysberg Marion Dolnansky Tarasuk Marja Valerio Pimentel Mark Aussenberg Mark Bock Mark E. Benson Mark J. Diamond Mark Kleinman Mark S. Devenow Mark Spires Mark Valsi Mark Weissman Marla Rab Marleen Bernstein Marlene Goldfarb Marlina Miriam Marsha Benghazi Stearns Pritchard Marshall Reiss Martha DePaul Martha Hochberger Martin Kohler Marty Bowman Mary Bassett Buchanan Mary Seeholzer Picon Marzenna Maria Szwichtenberg Massimiliano Melis Massimiliano Turci Matt Dean Crawford Matthew C. Duste Craig Matthew Gensler Maureen Dowling Maureen Haugh Maureen Landa McGavin Mauricio Ancona Max Steingart Maxine Begonja Maxine Povering Maya Dagan Maymon Malka Meir Eichler Meira Graffininö Bavarö Mel Kaplan Melanie Faber Marmer Melanie Shapiro Bayer Melissa Klein Morrissey Menachem Korf Mendel Hagler Mendy Rones Meredith Kellman Meredith Lawson Meyer Aussenberg מאיר אויסענבערג Michael Ahdoot Michael E. Tirone Michael Gordon Michael Hakimian Michael Leibowitz Michael Levin Michael Levitis Michael Majmin Michael Mellon Michael Mendelson Michael MG Gold Michael Moore Michael Pietrantoni Michael Silvermintz Michael Toback Michael Wechsler Michal Dar-El Michal Ganor Deckel Michal Weinstein Micheal Britt Michele Eichler Michelle Albagli Michelle Bittman Michelle Onnebane Gilger Michelle Payne Michelle Peterson Michelle Tymm Migo Steirer Mike Benhaim Mike Bonadonna Mike Fisher Mike Kaplan Mike Mulrooney Mikel Mccuien Milana Kornits Milene Mansouri Milkhah Rivas Mina Deutsch Mindy Holtz Mindy Rotter Miriam Aroesty O’Connell Miriam Greenberg Miriam Leibowitz Miriam Mayerhoff Miriam Ptalis Miriam Wolk Rogal Miry Levi Misty Greiner James Mitchel Yoni Ahdoot Mitchell Kopelman Moish Kruger Moishe Wallach Molly Przetycki Monika Gonda Mordechai Lax Mordy Nissel Morris Kassin Morris Khouli Morton A Goldberg Myra Solnick Kutscher Nancy Galler-Malta Nancy Hashem Nancy Mason Gugenheim Nancy Masri Nancy Swirsky Nanette Haywood Nanette Nirenberg Schriftman Naomi Scheier Natalie Bertazon-Hurley Natalie Huzman Meidanik Natalie Rabinowitz Natan Richards Nathan Presley Rosenberg Ndaya Jane Okong’o Oloo Neil Mintz Neil Trynasky Nic Wolf Nick Hofman Nicole Oakie Karni Nili Buczaczer Gitig Nili Gold Nora Ickovich Norma Maleh Nova Grassiani Nuno Cardoso Odeya Israel Ofir Sharon Ohad Babo Olga Avivit Orit Zevi Smith Orly Star Setareh Oshra Gil Pablo A. Omonte Padraic Glover Pamela Ressel Pat Trent Patricia Balcom Allan Patricia Del Pilar James Patricia Dici Patricia K. Dettman Patricia LTomsic Patsy Stewart Patti Geber Patty Smith-Coulthard Paul Cashin Paul Elkouss Paul Zucker Paula Antonia Veint Paula Danley Ott Paula Flom Paula Porten Paula Silverman Pearl Bryan Peper Hinnant Perry Bohmstein Perry Dortch Peter Green Peter Pachecos Phil Machlin Phil Sieradski Philip Berg Philip Phil Kalik Phillip Klein Phyllis Novick Pierre Rehov Quinn Susanne Rabbi Arieh Friedner Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner Rabbi Moshe Meir Lipszyc Rachael Silver Rachel Finkelstein Rachel Khasky Levy Rachel Lauren Rachel Laureno Rachel Nisker Rachel Weinberg Rachelli Cohen Rafael Izakov Raina Butler Ramy Barda Randi Aaron Klein Randi Fluss Weisselberg Randi Gleichenhaus Pakula Randy Jamison Randy Patto Randy Patton Raquel H. Safdie Rashid Bikkin Ratana Tan Ray C Rogowicz Rebecca Ness Rebecca Rachel Rosenzweig Askinasi Rebecca Szerman Rebekah Feinman Maiden Regina Brooker Hudson Regina Domfrocht Rena Krakowski Riger Renee Blevinal Renee Fenby Renee Grosman Reva Small-Marshall Rhoda Cantor Rhoda Levin Rhoda Sonken Rhona Tobias Rhonda Lyn Cooper Ricardo Valenzuela Rich Harter Richard Bamberger Richard Huhn Richard Zuckerman Rick Amato Rick Arnecke Rick Bussinger Rick Starr Rita Hoshor Rita Manaster Schick Riva Leibowitz Rivka Sami Malka Rivkah Rodriguez Roanne Latner Rob Lockard Rob Weber Rober tKorwin Robert Cruz Robert Friedman Robert Henoch Robert Korwin Robert S. Eidem Roberta Friedman Robin Leeds Drogin Robin Pokrass Robyn Leibowitz Rodney Justin Salmon Rohama Bruk Roman Beznovsky Romeo Ibañez Ron Agam Ron Britt Ron Kaminski Ronni Faith Lotto-Newton Ronnie Katz Rosa Quiroz Rosalyn Dritz Mierowsky Rose Hellman Rosie Cohen Roxanna Adams Rubin Wites Russ Finley Russel Molot Rusty Humphries Ruth Jacobs Ruthie Antoky Ruthie Nahoum Sabina Price Hutt Sabrina Sasson Sadie Austein Sally Hickman Feldman Sally Hicks Sam Rosenbaum Sam Ross Samantha Morgan Silverstein Samina Hayat Sammy Njoroge Samuil Remennik Sandi Smith Sandra Berl Ross Sandra Flashburg Braverman Sandra Sherr-Goodman Sandra Tricarico Sandy Reulet Cannon Sara Aboudi Eliau Sara Damelin Sara Gutman Sara Turner Sara Yakobovitch Sarah Kaye Sarah Levy Sarah Rivka Zulauf Sarah Segal Avni Sarah Zaveloff Sari Ancona Sariti Wachtel Scarlett Lezcano Boquin Scott Borsky Scott Cooper Scott D Bighorse Scott D. Leikam Scott Goldberg Scott Harter Scott Hoffman Scott Levy Sean Degan Seth Speiser Shai Canaan Shainy Batshevah Shani Sherwin Shari D Teigman Sharon Baratt Sharon Derrington Sharon Deutscher Grindle Sharon Mann Sharon Michel Sharon Spin Sharon Tzur Sharona Hakimian Shawn Ezhaghi Shay Charly Aboav Sheba Kopkin Sheila Julian Sheila Meyerowitz Sheila Mizrahi Shelley Leviashvili Shelley Spielman Shelly Safdieh Rothstein Sheree Skip Phillips Sheri Smith Jacobs Shila Saidian Shira Levy Shirel Akerman Shirley Waknin Shlomi Sonant Shmuel A. Goldstein Shmuel Goldstein Shoshi Levy Shoshi Sandhaus-Jakob Shyrl McVicker Taylor Sima Baum Simone Gabbay Simone Greenbaum Sivan Assouline Sivanne Brummel-Guenoun Solomon Betesh Sonny Philip Kirsch Soochy Brummel Spencer Lehmann Stacey Austein Staci Busath Hamson Stacy Lome Stan Bender Stan Jordan Stanley Brown Stefanie Cooper Eckstein Steph Thomas Stephanie Bulgar Stephanie Ripstein Stephany Burd Stephen Bach Stephen DeNuccio Stephen Greenberg Steve Battaglia Steve Eisenberg Steve Gersten Steve Haynes Steve Missry Steven Edward Aanes Steven Goldberg Steven M. Stein Stuart Kaufman Stuart Perrone Sue-Ann Levy Sukwinder Manhas Susan Coumeri Susan E.Wagner Susan Epstein Heidt Susan Green Clack Susan Horn Greif Susan Korwin Susan Rubin Susan Sikora Cohen Susan Taubes Susie Pludwinski Simons Sussie Banayan Suzana Korduner Suzana Susanna Suzi Pere-Goldberg Sybele Capezzutti Sydney Messett Sylvia Bellamy Friedlander Sylvia Greenberg Sylvia Hecht Brauner Synnove Bakke Tal Fireman Tal Sharabi Tali Yess Tama Glazebrook Tamara L Rogowicz Tamara Rosov Tamara Virshup Morris Tami Riley Tammy Carmona Taraneh Erica Shiraz Ted Struhl Tehila Gomez Temima Averick Teri Konikoff Teri Kopp Terry Fonseca Terry Scheehle Tex Guest Thad Hinnant Theodor Pardo Pardo Ti Palladino-Solomine Tobie Meth Todd Zilker Tom C Lehner Tom Nondahl Tom Tyler Tommy-Wanda Robbins Toni Anna Dicario Toni Rose Tor Gustafsson Tova Reiner Traci Levy Trish Kay Trudi Sponder Tzippi Wigoda Uko Ozawa Uri Galimidi Ury Weiss Uta Hentsch Vardit Feldman Vered Ell Rubin Veronika Yauli Arrieta Vickie Lee Victoria Richardson Victoria Russo Vilma Bonilla Vince M Gram Violeta Izgiyaev Vivian Falk Voni McGrath Wayne Forman Wendy Spector Kanner Wendy Stewart Squires Wendy Watts Wesley H. Davis William Dale Rice William Floyd Willy Glen Windsor Lindor Workineh Liben Yaacov Fredlender Yaakov Brody Yaakov Kossoy Yacov Shlomo Yaffit J. Greco Yafit Sharovsky Edri Yali Reuveni Litman Yana Beznovsky Yana Sberk Yana Takser Yankee Teitelbaum Yaron Guetae Yasmile Yael Benaim Yerachmiel Bruchya HaLevi Altman Yochanan Ben Avraham Yoel Kaufman Yona Brush Yona Srour Yuko Ozawa Yuri Olh Yuri Olhovsky Zao Elle Zemira Eli Natan Zena Helen Gaddin Zev Barnett Zilpa Nasirov Zizette Janet אברהם שמלוב חיים הברפלד פליגלמן חיים


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